Bramor ppX

Survey Grade UAS

The BRAMOR ppX (GNSS PPK - Post Processing Kinematic) UAS is ideally suited for surveying and remote sensing applications that need a fast high precision set of results, down to sub-centimeter GSD level also in the absence of a grid of ground control points.


Flight time up to 3.5hr


Interchangeable Payload

Flight Range up to 150km 

30 km2 coverage

Automatic parachute landing



The system is comprised of an air and ground segment, consisting of a state of the art GNSS on board receiver and ground base station, a portable and ergonomic rugged ground control station and catapult launcher. The BRAMOR ppX UAS combines high precision autonomous operations with data acquisition, turbulent air penetration and stability with long endurance.


Surveying and remote sensing

Ecological monitoring and sensing

Wildfire Management 

The industry leading unmanned aircraft systems are electrically powered and able to achieve superior stability and endurance through unique advanced Blended Wing Body air frame aerodynamics.



230 cm

Cruise Speed

16 m/s

Platform Length

96 cm

Center Module Length

67 cm


Brushless Electric

Takeoff Weight

4.7 Kg

Max Speed

22 m/s

Flight Ceiling

5000 m ASL

Flight Endurance

Up to 3.5 Hr

C&C Range

Up to 40 Km