Atlas C4EYE

Advance Technology Light Acquisition

The ATLAS C4EYE is the fixed-wing UAV/drone of choice for first responders and special operations forces in the under 3 kg category. Developed by C-ASTRAL X-WORKS after a decade of field experience in small UAS exploitation, this Bungee cord lunched, easy to operate, water-resistant system can carry an EYE-X HD stabilized multi-sensor gimbal while observing the target stealthily and silently for up to 1.5 hours.

Flight time up to 90 mins 


Water resistant

Flight Range up to 90 km

15 km2 coverage

Automatic parachute landing

EO 13.2 X / THERMAL 4x


Wildfire Management 

The field proven BRAMOR C4EYE UAS line is suitable for operations where real-time or near real time video observation and surveillance capability is of utmost importance.


The system consists of the air vehicle with an EYE-X HD1 sensor and a rugged ground control station. The system is highly mobile and fits into a MILSPEC, rain resistant case or backpack. It is designed for fast deployment, flight-ready in less than three minutes and can be safely operated by a single operator/pilot in command.