Metal & Non Metal Detector

MiRTLE-30 systems enable real time, overt and/or covert screening of people for concealed weapons, including assault rifles and suicide bomb vests. It is able to generate audio and video alarms generated by AI software that processes. MiRTLE 30 make use of artificial intelligence and safe radio spectrum technology to find concealed threats from a distance through the use 


Harmless millimeter-wave signals

Detect non metallic object

Overt or Covert Screening options with AI based technologies up to 30 meters range


Power Efficient

Outdoor and Indoor Environment 

Networked MiRTLE systems send audio and video alarms generated by artificial intelligence software that processes harmless millimeter-wave signals that permeate clothing at frequencies between 75 and 110GHz.

The scope of operations allows the system to be deployed in multiple scenarios,
including scanning high throughput, unstructured crowd scenarios.


Airport Custom Checks
Events Security
Border Control


Physical Size (L x H x D)

535 x 370 x 34


7.5 Kg

Operating Temperature 

-10⁰C to +45⁰C

Input Voltage System

100V AC – 240V AC, 47-63Hz

Power Consumption

35 W

Angle of view (HxV)

50.8° x 38.6°

Environmental Rating

IP 55

Operating Distance 

20 metres

FOV (W x H)

 300 x 300 (mm)

Camera Resolution

1920 x 1200 p 

Focal Length

1920 x 1200 p