Robust and Reliable Communication

The Leopard1 is a lightweight , compacted ,rugged wideband military radio that is capable of communication for tactical missions in the HF, VHF and UHF bands.The radio is integrated with Built-in tuner, modem and GPS receiver, allowing flexible operation. Advanced features such as Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), Frequency Hopping and One-Time-Pad (OTP) encryption ensures secure and reliable communication.


Large coverage area of up to 70+ km’s in VHF/UHF.


Built-in tuner, modem and GPS receiver

Covering a spectrum from 1.6 MHz to 512 MHz


At only 3.2 kg, the radio is one of the lightest wideband radios in its class. The radio is enclosed in a T6-Aluminium casing which is epoxy powder-coated. The interface and controls are user-friendly and intuitive.


Application software suite is available to control and program the radio channels and features via RS232 or Ethernet Encrypted tactical military data transfer such as messaging, file transfer and GPS/GLONASS mapping. The system can be set up and managed with Windows on any Tablet, Laptop or PC. ,

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Advanced Optional Modem

Backpack Options

Fill Gun: (Scorpion)

High Capacity Battery