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ORGANISATION - International Monetary Fund  2018

We were honored to have been able to support the deployment of the Allclear® for use by Indonesian security forces at the IMF Event 2018 held in Bali.

The Allclear® is a passive millimeter wave sensor much alike to the passive millimeter wave full body scanners found in use by many airports around the world today, with its many advantages in portability, light-weight, and plugged power.


It will detect both metallic and non-metallic (plastic, drugs, paper, and phone, among others) objects found hidden or concealed within the target’s clothing.

A different lighting sensor allows the operator to know immediately if the concealed object was metallic or non-metallic, thereby taking on the appropriate action. Operators can choose from different modes to generate high sound, low sound, vibrate or silent mode depending on the targeted audience or the operators’ protocol.

Think Full Body Scanners, at your fingertips.

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