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EXHIBITION - Counter Terror Asia Expo 2018

Held in Marina Bay Sands, CWT Aerospace Services took part in Counter Terror Asia Expo 2018 (CTAX 2018), showcasing our range of high technological used in products Defense and Security.

Some of the showcased products included the Brijot AllClearTM, the only handheld passive millimeter wave sensor that detects both hidden metallic and non-metallic objects held by a person, to the Mirtle30TM– possibly the longest range active millimeter wave sensor used to combat concealed metallic threats such as IEDs.

Among other featured products included the SurveillantTM, a fully automatic drone that can be operated wherever you are, whenever you want, or whatever you want to trigger its automatic flights. We expect the SurveillantTM to significantly alter Concept of Operations. 


For Perimeter Security, we offer our Tint Window Penetrating Cameras and our Sky ArtemisTMPortable Anti Drone System.

Our Wall Penetrating Radar will allow security forces to acquire a high probabilistic determination of the room they are about to storm, significantly increasing situation awareness. 

Our products are intended to work together, to provide a total solution for security, first with detection and then interdiction accordingly.

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