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Bridge Over Glacier River
Bridge Over Glacier River

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Why Us?


  • 1. Exclusive Trainer to Trainee Ratio
    As pilots ourselves, we understand the need to optimize a student's hands-on control to master the skills to fly a drone. Our training sessions have been finetuned to maximize flight hours for our trainees, with an emphasis on exclusivity and not more than 3 students per instructor.
  • 2. Non Self-Centering Throttle
    We believe in providing our students with highest level of training - at our risk. Afterwhich our students can then proudly claim their place as a truly abled drone pilot who can fly any drones come their way. Yes! Please check out our non-self centering throttle drones that we deploy for training. Our graduates are all geared to be the next hotshot pilots after mastering our drones. Are you up for the challenge, at our risk?
  • 3. Competitive Pricing
    At CWT Aerospace, we aim to provide value for money quality solutions. In spite of our drive for quality, we are proud to provide one of the cheapest pricing in the private commercial school in the market today.
  • 4. High Quality Training
    Being pilots ourselves, we do not cut corners. We ensure we have one of the highest actual hands-on drone flying hours in the marketspace today to provide the confidence in flying our students deserve. With this, they can proudly hold their license and conduct drone flying for their leisure or work.
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